Our Team

Primary Investigator​

Dominika Wranik
Professor, Associate Dean Research
Chair, Public & International Affairs
Dalhousie University

Dr. Wranik's research interests revolve around the application of economic principles to the design of organizations, teams and policies. She focuses on measuring and explaining the motivations of professionals in the public service, including government and health care. In the past, Dr. Wranik's work assessed the design and impacts of financial, governance and organizational models on the functioning of primary care teams and behaviours of individual providers. 


Associate Professor of Human Resource Management, ENAP

Professor Boulet’s recent research focuses on telework during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, quality of work life in public administrations, high well-being HRM model, attractiveness of public sector jobs, demographic diversity, and public service motivation. In her research, she pays particular attention to issues related to equity, diversity, and inclusion.


Associate Professor, Dalhousie Docente, Università della Svizzera italiana
Isabelle’s research areas include human resource management, new ways of working, employee motivation and retention, control and accountability in the public sector.


Assistant Professor, Dalhousie University

Colin is an is an information technology researcher who employs cognitive neuroscience and neuroimaging to answer questions about information technology use and behaviour, usually with an organizational lens. His research currently concerns attention, online collaboration tools, emotional processing, and education technology


Professor of Public Policy and Public Administration, University of Winnipeg
Linda has published policy and evaluation studies on a wide range of topics in a research program that is interdisciplinary, participatory, and community based. Recent publications include an article on the motivations of Master of Public Administration students in the Canadian Public Administration journal. 


Adjunct with Dalhousie University School of Public Administration

Following a varied career in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, including 11 years as Assistant Deputy Minister for two federal government departments (Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada and Employment Social Development Canada). She was seconded to the Dalhousie School of Public Administration as Public Servant in Residence for a two year period in 2020. Her research interest is in management in complexity.


Professor of Political Science, University of Winnipeg

Joan’s research has focused on Canadian and provincial political environments and how legislative, government and administrative state infrastructures have influenced and structured women’s policy advocacy and outcomes of equality initiatives. She has had an enduring interest in the role of institutions in mediating feminist and gender sensitive policy goals of civil society actors.


Associate Professor, Dalhousie University

Dana’s research uncovers the subtle (and not so subtle) ways bias seeps into organizations with the goal of addressing inequities and social justice problems. To do this, she studies how social interactions (i.e., incivility, sexual harassment, helping, and supervisor support) affect personal and professional development, with an emphasis on the experiences of women and other minority or stigmatized identity groups.

Associate Professor and Program Coordinator, Leadership

Rosemary is a published case writer and researcher, her research focuses on leadership and gender representation in organizations and pedagogical materials, and career paths in the private and public sectors. Her research approach draws primarily on qualitative methods using NVivo and various approaches to discourse analysis.  


Research Coordinator

Michelle has over 5 years of experience facilitating research projects in various fields. Her Masters research focused on the impact of climate change on Lyme Disease in Canada. Most recent research projects focused on the experiences of African Nova Scotian students within the education system. 

Research Assistant

Nachum has been analyzing economic and public policy issues for over 12 years. He previously worked for the Government of British Columbia, the Government of Alberta, as well as several applied research institutes. His current research focuses on linking jobs skills and labour market outcomes.

Mitacs Intern

Bhagya is a fourth-year Bachelor of Economics student with a minor degree in Humanities and Social Sciences. Her research interests lie at the intersection of health economics, applied production analysis, policy analysis, and interdisciplinary studies.

Research Assistant

Catherine is a second-year Masters Sociology candidate in Dalhousie’s Sociology and Social Anthropology department. She has worked as a research assistant on various qualitative projects throughout her undergrad and graduate studies. Her research interests include the sociology of work, feminist political economy, critical leisure studies, and critical health studies.

Research Assistant

Throughout Lanxi’s graduate studies, she researched a variety of topics in workplace contexts, including motivation, job engagement, organizational culture, and burnout and strain. Her research interests focus on mental health in the workplace. Lanxi’s research and career goal would be to design and implement mental health intervention programs at workplaces.

Research Assistant

Yurek is a fourth year Bachelor of Commerce student with a keen interest in human resource management and psychology. His has experience working with people in the service industry, as well as working within research organizations, such as Research Nova Scotia. He is supporting our research by transcribing qualitative interviews and other ad hoc research tasks. Yurek is considering the public service as a potential future career.

Past Staff

Fiona Jensen

Huiyan Liu

Tanya Gianchandani

Mariana Petriv

Hannah MacDougall

Alexandre Abou