Our Research Focus

Our current research focuses on Public Service Motivation (PSM), which is a theoretical framework to explain the types of motivations people experience when working in public service. PSM is related to concepts such as pro-social motivation or altruism. While PSM theory originated in the discipline of public administration, it can be applied to a variety of professions.  

Our research interest lie in understanding how PSM relates to employment contexts, such as ambiguity in the workplace, perception of prestige, or financial incentives, and to employment outcomes, such as job satisfaction, or burnout. Currently we are working with public servants in Canada as our study population. We are also planning work with public servants in other countries, for example Germany, and planning work with other service professions, for example nurses or cancer patient organizations. 

Understanding employment contexts that support or hinder PSM is important for the development of human resource management and practices in organizations. Our work will inform employers how to support individual employees and support PSM and positive employment culture in general.  

Where You Can Find The Lab

The Professional Motivation Research Lab is located in room 3036 in the Kenneth Rowe Building. It is situated in the Faculty of Management, Department of Public and International Affairs. 

Our Funders