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Working to Benefit Society

The Professional Motivations Research Lab (PMRL) takes an interdisciplinary perspective to understand reasons and contexts that best support professionals who strive to do work that benefits society. Intrinsic and pro-social motivation has been linked to improved job outcomes and organizational performance. The PMRL brings together researchers, knowledge users, and professionals to collaborate and unpack professional motivations. Our work informs human resource practices designed to create nurturing work environments.

About Public Service Motivation​

Public Service Motivation (PSM) is a theory of pro-social motivation in the context of public service employment, such as employment in governments, health care, or non-governmental charitable organizations. Click to learn more.

Our Current Projects on Public Service Motivation

Our team is currently working on two active projects. Find out why these projects are of importance and how you can get involved.

Publications on PSM and Professional Motivations

Our researchers have published work related to PSM and professional motivation more broadly in a variety of employment contexts. Click to view our publications.

Our Team

Our team includes researchers from diverse disciplines including public administration, human resources, leadership, psychology, information management, and economics. The combination of expertise and perspectives allows for a comprehensive analysis of modern workplace issues.

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