What's Motivating Canadian Public Servants

Our research team interviewed alumni of Canadian graduate programs in public administration. Each week we will post a new quote which highlights what’s motivating public servants today.

“I really think the fact that I can do some really good work, be proud of the projects I did, and that a number of  my recommendations were accepted,  and I can see how they influence decision making. I take a lot of pride in that, and that motivates me to keep going.”

Participant 35

“I believe I’m doing great work, moving the province forward, doing great work for the public good, it’s motivating. I’m not changing the world, per se, but I’m still making an impact in that part of it.”

Participant 53

“I needed to find a way to set myself apart and get opportunities. It wasn’t for the money, it wasn’t for recognition, it wasn’t for job security necessarily, but it was like, where can I have the opportunity to have the biggest impact?”

Participant 65

"There is some sense of duty wrapped into it. For example, I’m helping a couple who just came back from the Ukraine, helping them in a lot of ways. To me, I feel a strong sense of duty because of the horrible things happening there. This is my way of helping bring some justice to these people’s lives.”

Participant 51

"I’ve heard the phrase “it’s life-giving”, it inspires me and motivates me to get up and go to work every morning, and meet these interesting colleagues and external members of the public, members of NGO’s or the industries that we work with and things like that. That part is rational intrinsic motivation.”

Participant 45