Joan Grace

Professor of Political Science
University of Winnipeg​

Joan Grace is a Professor of Political Science at the University of Winnipeg. Joan is the former Chair of the University of Winnipeg/University of Manitoba joint MPA Program and has taught courses in Canadian politics, social movements, federalism, and public policy studies. 

Her research has focused on federal and provincial political environments and how legislative, government and administrative institutions have influenced and structured women’s policy advocacy and outcomes of equality initiatives. Publications include an article in Canadian Public Administration and Parliamentary Affairs, and co-editor of the Handbook on Gender, Diversity and Federalism. 

Joan received her undergraduate honours degree from the University of Victoria (BC), a Masters degree in Public Administration from the joint UW/UM MPA Program in Manitoba, and a PhD in comparative public policy from McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario.  

Joan’s interests include a new motivation to trek outdoors during the Winters in Winnipeg (weather permitting), and while indoors, working on a challenging puzzle.